Candle Information

Candle Safety

We want to keep you safe when using our candles, below is our safety guidance for using our candles: 

  • Trim candle wick to .5cm (1/4in) before each use

  • Do not leave candles unattended or in easy reach of children and/or pets

  • We recommend burning our candles for at least 2 hours during each use

  • Each time you burn your candle, allow the entire top layer to become a fragrant pool of liquid wax.

  • To prevent overheating, do not burn candles for more than 4 hours at a time.

  • Never burn a candle near anything that can catch on fire.

  • Never move a candle while it's lit and do not touch a lit candle or the hot wax.

  • Keep candles on a flat, heat resistant surface and away from vents or drafts.

  • The candle is finished when .5cm (1/4in) of wax remains in the jar.

  • Please DO NOT EAT or INGEST, and read all labelling on the candle jar carefully before lighting.

  • Please remove all outer packaging including all string & affirmations before burning your Candles

  • All candle Jars and Packaging can be reused or recycled

5 Main Rules:

    1. Keep away from children and pets
    2. Keep away from draughts
    3. Never leave a lit candle unattended
    4. Place on a heatproof surface away from Curtains and furnishings
    5. Burners get HOT! Do not move until it has completely cooled down

Fragrance CLP

CLP stands for "Classification, Labelling and Packaging", it was introduced in June 2015, this means that all candles made will need to inform customers of any chemical hazards within the candle.

You will find on each candle important information on their CLP, this is located on the bottom of each candle and each gift box.

If you have any questions please contact:

Recycle Our Jars and Reuse Our Crystals

Our jar make great plant pots after you are finished with burning your candle. We would also love for you to reuse your crystals, placing them around the house or adding them to the soil of your house plants.

Here is what to do once you have burnt your candle:

    1. Place a little boiling water into the jar and whirl this around.
    2. Let this cool and the wax will float to the surface of the water and harden
    3. Once hardened, removed the cool wax.
    4. Remove the crystals and repeat the above to make them super clean.
    5. Clean the jar with soapy water, let dry and reuse as a plant pot or a desk tidy :)

Please take care when using boiling water and if you have any further questions please contact: