Wisdom Diffuser

Wisdom Diffuser

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Wisdom Diffuser

Our Wisdom Diffuser is infused with Citrine and Clear Quartz crystals and comes in two sizes:

Medium - 100ml Diffuser

Large - 160ml Diffuser

This diffuser reminds us that spring is a fresh start and what we have learnt in the previous years we can take with us - learn from and grow.

The scent is a clean and happy aroma of reminiscent of a walk through a bluebell-filled wood with notes of lavender and galbanum mixed with sweet rose and jasmine.

This diffuser complements our Candle of Wisdon - see here


The Notes:

Top Notes: Bluebell - Hyacinth

Heart Notes: Lavender – Galbanum – Rose - Jasmine

Base Notes: Musk


Our chosen Crystal Meanings:


is associated with positivity and optimism. Encourages cheerfulness and good fortune. Assists in accepting abundance and gives courage to make hard choices.

 Clear Quartz:

Cleanses negative feelings and amplify the high vibes. It will strengthen and support relationships especially long-distance ones and enables you in making your bond strong and steady.