Lavender Candle (L)

Lavender Candle (L)

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Our 5 Wick Lavender Candle

The idea and inspiration for this new collection came about after holidaying in rural France during the summer months earlier this year.

I was lucky enough to stay with relatives who live near Saint-Paul-Lizonne a beautiful region renowned for growing Sunflowers and French Lavender.

Whilst sat in my Aunties beautiful garden with a glass of local wine one  balmy evening the aroma from her French Lavender plants filled the air with such a lovely fragrance the idea for this French Lavender Collection was born.

Each candle is available in either a sage green vessel or a white porcelain vessel with 5 wicks measuring A HUGE 42cm long. They are handmade each one being unique with its own array of crystals and hand picked French lavender from Saint-Paul-Lizonne, France.

No two of these candle creations are the same!  


The Notes:

Top Notes: Lavender

Heart Notes: Lavender

Base Notes: Lavender


Our Chosen Crystal Meanings:

Clear Quartz:

This crystal is a power stone because of its many uses. It enhances energy by absorbing, storing ,balancing and focusing

They are also beneficial for healing, and meditation, also due to its ability to balance it is excellent for harmonizing and stabilizing one's environment and helpful in romantic relationships.

It will purify and re-energize your chakra field so that your mind, core and base are all working in harmony and their highest potential.


Vessel Size

External Vessel Dimensions : 416mmL x 105mmW x 74mmH


Candle Information

When you light this candle the crystals will sit on top of the wax while is burns. Once the candle has burnt to the bottom, you can add hot water to the jar which will lift the wax and leave you with the crystals to use.

The jars can be reused as plant pots or a desk tidy and the crystals can be placed around your home.

For more on our candle safety guidelines go here